Laura & Gabriel Engagement // Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden






The Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden is 127 acres of both breath-taking and historic sites. It’s the prefect place to spend a gorgeous autumn afternoon. I highly recommend it for a relaxing stroll or just a spot to sit and enjoy nature. And if you can add the company of friends… all the better.

We had an absolute joy to slowing down during this busy time of year and hang out with Laura & Gabriel among the trees, flowers and waters. They are a beautiful couple and the gardens served as the prefect backdrop for them.

We all need to remember to spend more days like this one.

Lauren & Alexander Engagement // Santa Monica // Los Angeles






We kinda broke the mold for our engagement session Saturday evening. Normally we prefer to meet with a couple a week or more before we start taking pictures. It helps break the ice and everyone is more comfortable. But Saturday was a day to think different.

Lauren and Alex drove over 400 miles for their session because they wanted something different, a different look, a different style; different from their friends. Of course I was hooked.
We had a fantastic time hanging out with them. They were charming and outgoing. A blast to work with… we may have had too much fun.